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KOLA LOKA back on tour in the US!

KOLA LOKA back on tour in the US!
Kola Loka is back on tour in the United States (from February 5, Miami FL) after a pause that lasted two years and finally ended with the promotion of their latest Album “La Alianza” (available at Cubamusic). This new production has already become much popular, with he hits “La Cenicienta”, "Carapachú" and "Apululu". The renowned group from Santiago has a couple more Albums up its sleeve: "A golpe de Boboshanty" and "Horizontes".

A new landmark now opens up for the band’s music career, characterized by a different and renovated interest in giving an image that goes along with present-time trends in terms of audio-visual content, internet and mass media communication in general. Experts in the field will assist the band with the specific purpose of granting the best stages of Cuba and worldwide. Although “Hay Kola Loka pa’ rato” (Kola Loka is everywhere) the need to grow in strength and expand is always strong, as said by Angelón and Robinson, leaders of the group.

Their sound mix Creole and Caribbean rhythms, even extending to the Angolan Kizomba, which granted them a special spot in the island’s Urban Music scene. Their unique form of expressiveness is never aggressive and vulgar: on the contrary, Kola Loka sets to music real life experiences and stories with a funny sense of humor, thus attracting a large amount of fans.

The new record “Horizontes” is now in mastering phase, seeing the participation of some of the most popular music producers in Cuba. “Horizontes” will be something different to discover, with the band delving into their very first experience with the Afrobeat genre! Following, in its creative process, the Cuban picaresque tradition (the pair of rascals) Kola Loka created a peculiar space to live artistically and a very characteristic trademark. They also have lots of fans in the Unites States, where this February-March will go on a tour with concerts in Miami, Houston, Las Vegas, Orlando and many other important cities, sharing the stage with other renowned artists of the Latin Urban music scene such as El Chacal! Then, back in Cuba, a national tour all across the island will follow.

It is the beginning of a new course for the band, founded 15 years ago (already!) in Santiago de Cuba. The eternal Alianza (Alliance) between Robinson and Angelón, will explore broad new Horizontes (Horizons) and spread Kola Loka pa rato (everywhere) A golpe de Boboshanty (with the blow of the Boboshanty).

Kola Loka at Cubamusic