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Melany Kap is pure fire

Melany Kap is pure fire
She is young, very beautiful and talented, musically speaking. Currently, Melany is a great star on the rise. As a child, she always dreamed about winning the stages and she is getting there. She is singer by passion and a dancer by profession, and every step she takes is more solid into the best of current Cuban music.

Available at Cubamusic the album by Melany Kap "Què es amor" had a hard time reaching her because she has many work engagements that leave her no time. After many attempts and thanks to her kindness and professionalism, we could arrange an interview. She received us at her splendid home in the exclusive neighborhood of Miramar.

First things first Melany. How did you get to the stage?
I studied Contemporary Dances at the National Art School of Cuba (ENA) and even though dancing was my passion, I always felt the need to sing. When I graduated, I started to work with Habana Shows audiovisual project, that is how I got involved with show-business people. I still remember (laughs) singing backstage for fun. Many people told me that I had a talent for singing but David Calzado was actually the person who believed in me and gave me the chance to become a singer.

Everyone knows David Calzado and his popular Charanga Habanera in Cuba, but few people are aware of him being your husband for some years now. How does it feel working with him?
This is one of the greatest opportunities I have had in my life. David's hands are magic to me, he discovered a potential in me that I never thought I had, because good maestros are like that. He is very demanding, but he believes in me so I do my best every day.

Cuba has had great singers at all times, you are a member of a young generation that is rising. What is the meaning of being a Cuban music female singer?
It is a challenge because it is harder for women to be successful in this world, but the secret is to work hard to win the audience's recognition.

Which of the legendary artists has set an example to you?
Omara Portuondo is amazing, my respects to her for all she has been able to achieve. I would like to do a featuring some day with such a star.

Let us speak about the CD Enamorada. What is this CD conveying to the people who is discovering you?
Enamorada is a magic CD. It was produced by Sergio David Calzado who also composed some tracks, together with Andy Vázquez and other authors. It is a fusion of different genres with an emphasis on Latin music to transmit tastiness and rhythm to the CD.
Few days ago I shot a video together with Srta Dayana, because joining another woman rising up with strength is very important. I will soon film a solo video with the song Mueve la cadera, where I am using my abilities as a dancer.

Has your formation as a dancer of ENA been useful to you?
Very much, I have a super important tool, I own the stage. It has helped me to feel safe and fearless.

Some people think that artists are always on vacation, from party to party and without responsibilities. So, we want to know, what is a Melany Kap regular day like?
I wake up late in the morning because I work until early morning. Sometimes, I visit my family and work out, I love to train. Then, I go to the studio and when I return home I love to watch movies. It is like that every day, although it is busier when I have presentations.

What does Melany like to do in her free time?
I love fashion, creating and designing clothes. I transform my clothes myself to create my own identity. I like make-up, hairdressing, I am always informed about the new trends. I hope to own a business some day, without giving up singing of course! (laughs)

Between jokes and laughs we finished our conversation. Melany can spend hours speaking about her two passions: music and dance. It was a great idea to combine these two in this rising career which still has many surprises for fans. Congratulations Melany! Succeed with your interesting style, beauty and voice!