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VAN VAN lives and VAN VAN will stay around for long!!

VAN VAN lives and VAN VAN will stay around for long!!
Cuban music will still be led by its greatest Orchestra! These words have just been spoken by Samuel, son of Maestro Juan Formell and director of Los Van Van!

Recently in a TV program, Samuel explained that the recording of the new Album carries on with the title “La Fantasía”, just like beloved Juan wanted it to be, and it will be released by the end of the year.

Juan Formell took part in the track list selection (which include some of his songs still unpublished) and in the accompaniment recording. In addition, Samuel informed that soon Los Van Van will go for a huge tour all around Cuba as homage to all Cuban people, in loving memory of the unforgettable Juan!

Also, a brand new video clip with the participation of the orchestra’s historical director is soon to be released. We are talking about the single "Yo no le temo a la vida" (from the album “LA MAQUINARIA”).

After the death of Juan Formell, the music of Los Van Van has jumped to the top of all the hit lists related to Cuban music, as tribute to this Excellent Genius of Cuban Music from all the lovers of his art, in Cuba and worldwide.

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