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Azucar Negra, the new Cuban Timba of "Bailar con Tacones"!

Azucar Negra, the new Cuban Timba of "Bailar con Tacones"!
Since spring of 1998 always more than ever AZUCAR NEGRA! The band, created and directed by the popular and eclectic master Leonel Limonta, is one of the best Cuban groups of Popular danceable music with a stable presence in the music scene of the island, enjoying a wide acceptance among all the fans of Salsa and Timba, in Cuba and internationally.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of foundation on 2013 (20th for Limonta’s individual artistic life) the band completed the recording of the new album “BAILAR CON TACONES” now available at Cubamusic. It consists of 13 tracks, 11 of them composed by master Limonta himself. The album comes with a lot of strength, featuring a very cool Timba.

Listen and download "Bailar con tacones" by Azucar Negra

As Leonel says, it’s a 100% danceable album, and there’s absolutely no doubt that songs like "La farándula me llama", "Mis 15 fantasías" and more will make you want to move!! Some of the singles have already been revealed to the audience, with an astounding success, in the European gigs in France, Italy, Switzerland, etc.!!

By reaching it music maturity, Azucar Negra presents in “Bailar con Tacones” an undeniable artistic quality, enriched by great contemporary lyrics. The new singers reflect the band’s newfound vitality and contagious energy.

A very good album master Leonel, an authentic “Poet of Timba”…!!!