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Leoni Torres and Pablo Milanés “Para que un día vuelvas”, among the most-famed videos!

Leoni Torres and Pablo Milanés “Para que un día vuelvas”, among the most-famed videos!
Nobody would expect that, 45 years after the release of one of the most famous songs by Pablo Milanés -which is also likely to be the most sung- “Yolanda”, another one matched the emotional power of that mythical tune: “Para que un día vuelvas”.

Many say we are in the presence of a contemporary “Yolanda” and luckily, this time is once again the very same voice of Pablo, one of the great founders of Nueva Trova Movement, accompanying the young and famous Cuban talent Leoni Torres! The music video “Para que un día vuelvas”, directed by Yeandro Tamayo, in a short time has reached top tier popularity in Cubamusic Youtube channel! More than 420.000 views in less than 6 months! And, just like “Yolanda” in 1970, “Para que un día vuelvas” is a ballad to love and tastes like a true homage to the song Pablo Milanés dedicated to his woman at the time, Yolanda Benet, right after the birth of their daughter, Lynn. An explicit reference to the song appears at the end of the video, when the main character carves the name of Yolanda in the trunk of a tree.

Leoni started writing “Para que un día vuelvas” much earlier than “Amor Bonito”, one of his latest hits. Although Leoni had thought about recording this song with the great Descemer Bueno (as he did with “Amor Bonito”) he instead waited for the right moment to make his dream come true: sing it with Pablo Milanés!

Viñales, Pinar del Río is the scenery of the beautiful video clip, a place with an enchanting atmosphere. The production is top quality: filming drones, helicopters, and out-of-the-ordinary equipment was used in the two days of shooting. Pablo Milanés, recent winner of a Latin Grammy 2015 and excellent contributor in the field of Latin music, has even changed his look for the video. He wore glasses and a soft-colored shirt for a renovated appearance, to best suit with the tone of the love ballad. Happy for the featuring, Pablo also expressed his gratitude for the homage, publicly praising the great artistic quality reached by Leoni, both as a singer and as songwriter.

Also thanks to Puntilla Films production and photography by Claudio Pairot “Para que un día vuelvas” will stay among the most-emotional and moving Cuban music videos. With two talented singers from two different generations singing together a hymn to Yolanda!