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Just a few days after the premiere of their new minialbum Mujer y Artista (Woman and Artist), at, the new fire mulattas are taking for the first time their flavor to important French plazas, in an intense promotional tour with performances, and radio and television interviews. From May 29 to June 18, the tour includes New Caledonia and other regions of France.
Do not miss out on what will happen in the top three live performances. One of them will take place on June 17, in the Latin party of Disney Village (Paris). A little earlier, on June 3, they will be at the Cultural Center du Mont Dore in New Caledonia and on the 6th at the Auditorium of the Conmac Cultural Space.
The girls of Mulata Son prove that they are women artists. With feminine grace, they make use of all instruments of Cuban timba to make them sound with magnificence. They have a lot of faith in songs like "Muérdete la lengua ", "Ya tus canciones" and a refreshing remix of "Maquillaje"; all of them available online in Cubamusic.
With a very suggestive image, these ten timba players led by Yarelis Martínez, young director of the band, arrive for the first time to Europe. Their debut includes a good number of concerts and performances. If you have not yet seen a woman playing a tumbadora (Cuban drums) or blowing the trumpet, this is a good opportunity. Mulata Son combines all the beauty of Cuban women and the talent in the performance.
The band already showed their quality and abilities in the minialbum Maquillaje, which exhibits, from the very first chords, the female touch in the way they play salsa. In very recent tours they had all Venezuela dance with songs like "El son de Adalberto", "Baila en Cuba" and "Amor prohibido" featuring El Niño. Listen to the sound of these mulattas here at