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Aisar y el Expresso is here, with Cuban music

Aisar y el Expresso is here, with Cuban music
El Expreso of Cuba is sweeping to the top of preferences. It is possible to find the band in the main salsa clubs of Havana, heating the dance floor up with the 11-track premiere album: "Música cubana, llegó el Expresso".
Aisar Hernández, a renowned producer and arranger of important Cuban bands, is leading this new ensemble that flaunts quality and tradition. The best and the most pleasant of the Cuban popular music can be enjoyed through songs like “La manteca”, “Cuando beso tu boca”, “El son del dinero” and “Llegó el expreso”. These are all arrangements by Aisar who is considered a bass virtuoso.
The greatest strength of the album lies on its production. It was exclusively recorded by the musicians of the band. Guest musicians were not invited to better show the sonority of El Expreso.
In a little more than one year of performances, the word has been spread. Everybody wants to dance with El Expreso. That is why the band can be found at the best danceable popular music clubs of Cuba: Café Cantante "Mi Habana" at the National Theater, first Friday of every month; Diablo Tun Tun (second floor of Casa de la Música in Miramar), every Wednesday; and 1830 Club (located at the far western section of Havana´s Malecón, waterfront promenade), second Saturday of every month.
Even before studying music, young Aisar dreamed about having a band that would also be called El Expreso. Aisar´s dream came true and now he is leading this luxury train that is moving to the beat of Cuban popular music.
The first album of the band recently won the award in the category Best New Band of the Year at Cubadisco 2017. This is considered an excellent beginning for the CD that was also nominated in the category First Album at the most important event of Cuban discography. Aisar in his meteoric career has played with bands such as Revé, Maravillas de Florida, Charanga Latina, Yumurí y sus Hermanos and Dan Den; and he assures that the secret lies on recovering the beautiful musical heritage of Cuba and revolutionize it.
Congratulations to this young prospect band of Cuban salsa. El Expreso is here, and gets your body dancing to the rhythm!!!