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Cuban music smiles along with Giraldo Piloto

Cuban music smiles along with Giraldo Piloto
The smile of Giraldo Piloto, drummer, arranger and director of the renowned danceable popular music band Klimax, is maybe his introduction letter.
Full of such great expression, which fills his posters and album covers with positive energy, Piloto received the press team at his place in Havana City's municipality 10 de Octubre. The platform has always accompanied his music in a close friendship with the Maestro, and this time, is knocking at his door searching for more details about his latest CD: "Mis 21 años".

Having a particular and very fresh sonority, this album just won the Cubadisco 2017 Award. It is a CD with great surprises.

Piloto is one of the most renowned percussionists of Cuba. Named after his father, the famous composer that formed the legendary duo of composers Piloto y Vera, and having as uncle the great percussionist Guillermo Barreto, the experimented artist had always very clear that he was all about music.

Why "Mis 21 años"?
We started recording two years ago because the initial idea was to finish it for the 20th anniversary of the band, but due to production issues, we ended in the 21st anniversary. Then, it seemed appealing to entitle the CD likewise, since in some countries legal age begins at 21, and that could draw the attention, it is interesting.
We have heard a lot about the CD's guest artists.

This is a magic CD. It was privileged to have great artists like Paulo FG, Jenny and Mandy Van Van, Pancho Céspedes, Vicentico Valdés, Alexander Abreu, and others!!

Alexander Abreu had already worked with us, he interpreted the song "Mi ventana" after which one of Klimax's latest video clips was named. People are very sympathetic with the relationship between the band and those artists because the connection was always so cool that everything flowed smoothly.
The CD also includes versions of legendary songs of Cuban music like "Añorado encuentro". The objective is to recover those songs, make them more contemporary and bring them closer to younger generations.

Klimax surprised its fans with two new voices. When did you decide to include women in the band?
The inclusion of two new female voices is the result of reframing the whole project, because we were taking a different path. The new voices are Laraine Cañizares and Milagros (La Mili) Hodelin. There is a great talent regarding women who sing popular music. These are two new possibilities of timber so composers have new options to write music.
But Piloto himself has also been part of the renewal... he now has a different look.
The change was proposed by my young wife and I did not only renew my hair style but also my behavior, partially. I like to take care of my look because I feel that it can be a social or personal stance related to music, and when you are surrounded by youth you begin thinking like them.

What is the origin of the name Klimax?
We got it thanks to a contest, first we asked some friends to suggest names, but we did not like any. Then, we began playing our songs on the radio and asked people to suggest a name, and that is how Klimax came to be, since it is something great you can reach. It is spelled with a k to give the name a more personal touch.

Piloto said good bye from the door of his new home as good friends do: with the promise of a next encounter. He revealed that he is already cooking new songs and will have the exclusive release, as it is his custom. For now, people are speaking very highly about "Mis 21 años", and, especially, they are dancing with it. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy these songs.