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Much younger than his musical history would imagine, Roniel Alfonso is today the number 1 producer of salsa in Cuba. Amid strong rumors about whether or not he will eventually create his own orchestra, he recently released his album Son del XXI on our platform ( under the EGREM label.

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Roniel assures that Son del XXI is a privileged production because of the participation of great talents of popular music like Haila, Will Campa, Isaac Delgado and Alexander Abreu. The high musical level of the disc is the result of Roniel's artistic maturity and expertise. He is a hell of a musician who this time not only produced but also composed all tracks: Linda Cubana, Mulatona and La pongo yo, among others.

He is responsible for Gardi's great boom at the beginning of 2000. Roniel was the artistic mastermind behind those fabulous salsa arrangements that skyrocketed Gardi to the charts in Cuba and made him internationally famous.

After working some years abroad, Roniel Alfonso came back in style to Cuba to produce the successful Haila María Mompie's CD Mala. In this CD he was able to work with Puerto Rican super star Olga Tañon and with Ms. Omara Portuondo, Diva of the Buena Vista Social Club. Mala won the 2012 Cubadisco Danceable Music Award.
Short after, the CD Salseando was produced. Roniel himself states that producing this CD of Leoni Torres meant a turning point for his own career. The popular version of Idilio, included in the CD, went to the top of the charts in Cuba at that time and shot Leoni Torres internationally.

Behind Roniel Alfonso's efficiency as musical director and producer is not only his unquestioned talent but also his artistic formation. He graduated from the National School of Arts (ENA) of Cuba where he specialized in tres and band conduction, which enabled him to master much of his artistic tools. He assures that there are many self-taught musicians but for CD production formation is essential.

Roniel is already out of this world and is taking firm steps in the world of salsa. Produced by Roniel Alfonso, the salsa version of the super hit Subeme la radio by Gilberto Santa Rosa and Enrique Iglesias is winning audience in the whole continent.

Not having enough, he is also currently working for Spanish singer Agustin Arpa, the Dominican band Que buena onda, Chilean Miguel Caballero and Cubans Miguel Herrera and Roberto Pulido, established in Sweden and Switzerland, respectively.

He is also an athlete. For decades, Roniel has practiced taekwondo, something surprising for many. This is one of his big passions that he gave up for the sake of music.

With Roniel Alfonso feels at home. In a recent meeting he commented that, for him, the platform has been a door to the world of music today. "I deeply appreciate Cubamusic, you get our work spread and reach the world."
Son del XXI, his latest production, is already one of the CDs with more sales in Through this close bond that unites us, will premiere very soon directly the new themes that will give continuity to the production Son of the XXI century. Everyone wants to dance at the King's son pace. Congratulations to one of the greatest talents of Cuban music!