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Partying all around Cuba

Partying all around Cuba will be offering, from now on, a weekly guide of the shows and concerts you can find all around the Island. Here you can find out where to go and dance in Cuba this week or just where you will be able to meet your favourite artist or orchestra.

Papucho y Manana Club every monday night at Café Cantante Mi Habana. Every tuesday at the Casa de la Música de Miramar and this saturday November 25 at La Matinée del Diablo Tuntún
El Noro y Primera Clase, this thursday November 23 at the Matinée en el Salón Rojo del Capri.
Shiina and her group, this friday November 24 in the evening at Proyecto Cultural in Guayabera.
Alain Pérez every thursday at the Casa de la Música at Miramar, Matineé.
Pupy y los que Son Son, this thursday November 23 at the Casa de la Música de Miramar in the evening.
The group SOS every friday,  at the salón Benny Moré de Holguín in the evening.
Orquesta Maravilla de Florida, this sunday November 26at the Centro Cultural Mar Verde in Camagüey.
Aguaje y su Buena Vista will perform next tuesday, wednesday and fiday to sunday at the Habana Café del Meliá Cohiba in the evening.