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The world once again revered Cuban music when UNESCO declared, these days, the "guajiro point" or "Cuban point" as intangible cultural heritage.

The Cuban point is among the most criollo and tasty of the broad musical spectrum of the island. Such poetic expression, based on improvised decimas and on the strings of the guitar, has pieces as contagious and spicy lyrics as the Cubans themselves.

That genre sings to everything, to joy and sadness. It is, in addition, a sharp weapon for the controversy. Who has not enjoyed a good fight sung between repentistas or the incredible voice of the great Celina González, do not delay in doing it.

As noted by the world jury that has just distinguished the genre, the Cuban point is a cultural treasure that is transmitted orally from generation to generation. It is spontaneous, although some time ago it was also taught in Houses of Culture in some communities of the island.

To really feel the tremendous flavor of the guajiro point you have to listen to their tunes. Listen to the intensity of the guitar accompanying the peasant poets. Enjoy the powerful and crystalline voices that come from the field. suggests several jewels of peasant music present in its catalog, very easy to obtain in its section of traditional music. In particular, the discs "Between two waters" and "Refuge in me" of the new queen of peasant music María Victoria Rodríguez. Of course also the album ¨Santa Bárbara¨ by the historical queen of peasant music, Mrs. Celina González.

Congratulations to "the Cuban point", a treasure of Cuba. Honor to whom honor is due.