New Albums


Just a year after it was created, the boyband "Suerte" shows a rapid increase in popularity. With a fresh image and a musical proposal that has much of the urban genre, they already have a good number of followers very interested in their proposal. recently released Suerte's first album entitled ¨Nueva vida¨, which is gradually filling the group with joys. Few imagine that these guys are the authors of all the songs on the album. In Cuba, the simple ones are already making themselves felt. "Contéstame" and "Sólo una noche".

An important part of this interesting musical project is its growing bond with the public. Suerte´s guys like to interact live with their followers and measure each of their songs in hot.

They have performed at several emblematic places in Havana, but their usual space is held every Saturday at the Paparazzi Bar, located on 20th Street between 7th and 9th, Miramar, Playa. The site has become a meeting place (on Sundays) of the Cuban boyband, in times of great explosion of the format in Cuba.

When asked about its possible similarity with other boybands on the current Cuban stage, the lucky guys say that the secret lies in maintaining the essence. An identity that has seduced its young followers very quickly.

To celebrate its first anniversary and get closer to the young people of the provinces, they are preparing an intense day of activities and presentations. Luck advances at a firm pace in the Cuban music scene, with a line-up of five members, a format reminiscent of the legendary Backstreet Boys or NSYNC.

These young people, who declare themselves passionate about music, are quickly leaving their mark. As usual, offers the scoop.