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The icons of Cuban Jazz at Jazz Plaza 2011 Festival, December 15 / 18 !
The 27th edition of the International Jazz Plaza Festival of La Habana will focus the attention on classical music inside jazz, and many eager jazzmen will take part in it: Jasek Manzano, Roberto Fonseca, Jorge Reyes, Ernán López-Nussa, Oscar Valdés, Bobby Carcassés, César López y Habana Ensemble, Rolando Luna and Javier Salva.

Listen and download the Album “Jazz de lujo” by Jasek Manzano

Listen and download the Abum “Beat Cubano” by Manolito Simonet

Listen and download the CD “Contrastes” from César López and Habana Ensemble

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Take a look at the calendar of events of the Jazz Plaza, a worldwide event.

Teatro Mella:
Thursday, December 15th : Opening Gala with the National Symphonic Orchestra, directed by Maestro Enrique Pérez Mesa, Coro Entrevoces directed by Digna Guerra, Jorge Reyes and Roberto Fonseca.
Friday, December 16th : Yasek Manzano, Cuarteto de Cuerdas and Naat Berahman from India.
Saturday, December 17th : Ernán López-Nussa and Troy University Jazz Ensemble US.
Sunday, December 18th : Closing Gala with a special concert from Maestro Frank Fernández and the Jazz Band directed by Joaquín Betancourt. In the gardens of the Teatro Mella: Aires de Concierto, Emir Santa Cruz and Jorge Luis Pacheco.
Casa de la Cultura de Plaza, daily concerts from 10pm with great names of Latin Jazz such as Alexis Bosch, Giraldo Piloto y Klimax, Emilio Morales, Alfred Thompson, Bobby Carcassés and Habana D´Primera.
Sala Covarrubias of the Teatro Nacional will delight with live performances by: Troy University Jazz Ensemble US, Habana Sax, Mezcla, Jesús Fuentes y Santo Tomás Conection, Oscar Valdés y Diákara, Bobby Carcassés, Ruy y Harold López-Nussa, César López y Habana Ensemble, Rolando Luna y Javier Salva.
Also from 11pm, Café Teatro Bertolt Brecht presents Sexto Sentido, Alejandro Falcón and Cubadentro; Hotel Cohíba presents Michel Herrera and his group, Jorge Reyes y invitados and William Roblejo´s Trio;
Hotel Nacional in its Salón Taganana presens Yasek Manzano and his group, Ernesto Camilo Vega and his group, Tá Bueno Jazz and Gala Mayor. Jazz Plaza offers its events towards the Plaza América de la Playa de Varadero with the participation of Ernán López-Nussa, César López y Habana Ensemble, Harold López-Nussa y Roberto Fonseca.

Roberto Fonseca


Cesar Lopez


Frank Fernandez


Aire de Concierto