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Orquesta Tumbao Habana

Orquesta Tumbao Habana


Dancing popular music orchestra.

At the beginning of the1980´s, in Guantánamo, an eastern region of Cuba, a group made up by children and youngsters calling themselves "Grey", played the son montuno in a very special way. That was the preamble of the group called today Tumbao Habana. Later on, some of those youngsters decided to make real a project aimed at having the son as its main essence, enriched by the changüí (a Guantanamo´s typical kind of son), by the mozambique rhythms as well as by other Cuban genres such as cha cha chá and mambo. Its repertoire also includes other Latin genres like merengue, bachata and cumbia. Likewise, Tumbao Habana gracefully performs the Latin jazz.

Tumbao (referring to the son genre cadence) made its first public appearance at the famous Tropicana Cabaret on December 29, 1997.

Its members, most of them graduated from the best schools of music in Havana, have managed to convey a peculiar sonority to its music tha t reaches the most diverse audiences since it is mainly based on tradition as well as on modern ways of playing music.

Tumbao Habana soon developed its artistic career with presentations in several Cuban provinces and their most popular night centers, as well as in the most significant national mass media. Its performances in Japan and Mexico evidenced the musical power and the charisma this orchestra has among the most varied audiences.

The first phonographic production of Tumbao Habana, under the same title, was warmly welcomed at national and international levels. Likewise, its later record, "Ese huevo quiere sal", undoubtedly constitutes a promising landmark for an orchestra that is already among the most popular ones in the Island.

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