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Between the musical and the music videoclip

Between the musical and the music videoclip
To the good Cuban music listeners and quality cinema lovers out there, Cubamusic is proud to present a new project that put together two popular Cuban artists of the urban scene, Thaira and Don Metra, the rising talent Rapson, and renowned music video director Carlos Eduardo Maristany.

It is a quite interesting single, one of those that stick into your head and won't go away. Conceived almost randomly from the union of the three artists and then becoming a quite evocative videoclip, it is a homage to the anthological piece of musical: "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”.

Don Metra, acclaimed Cuban music producer, now acting as interpreter, created with Rapson and Thaira an exquisite fusion between pop and reggae entitled "Tu tiempo pasó", whose lyrics inspired director Maristany into giving homage to this French musical gem. "As a true musical fan, when I found myself listening to the song lyrics I suddenly realized they were perfectly representing the situation and feelings lived by the characters of the original movie, right in the final scene. I proposed the guys to set up the videoclip just like the movie and from the beginning we realized the idea would give a certain importante to the project".

And it happened because Don Metra, Thaira and Rapson treat the so-called urban music with great  care, elegance and originality, detaching from the common clichés and the topics of debate tied to this music genre.

Beside entering as an exclusive in the Cubamusic catalogue, the track "Tu  tiempo pasó" completes both Don Metra and Rapson solo albums (the latter already available at Cubamusic, the former out before the end of 2016) and will be included in Thaira's brand new music production, where she will venture into new music genres and styles, different from the ones of her debut album (available at her personal website).

The videoclip, as a combined collaboration between the artists, enjoys a quite meticulous production, with an almost obsessive attention to detail, in order to give it a well-earned place among Cuban videoclips.

Starting from the selection of the location, the more similar looking to the original, to the artistic reconstruction, even to the search of a visual performance identical to the original, everything has been made to reach the highest quality standards, to best pay homage to such great works.

You can sense the research behind every frame of the video, finely chiseled to result as close as possible to the famous movie -though not identical, due to the intrinsic features of the music video and, most of all, the substantially distinctive traits of the music genre. Nevertheless, every single element intertwines with the others in an organic pattern to build an important homage, without devaluing the primary mission and vocation of every music video: standing up for the song from where it was born.