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Buena Fe

Buena Fe

Israel Rojas Fiel (voice) and Joel Martínez Rodríguez (second voice and guitar), created the duo “Buena Fe” in Guantánamo Province, Cuba, in November 1999.
The life of this two young boys was previously linked with music because Israel, graduated from Law School before starting the duo, had already started composing, while Yoel came from a traditional music family and he studied in Escuela de Arte of Guantánamo, reaching the medium level in classic guitar.
In 1999 both got occasionally in the Escuela de Arte of Guantánamo and due to the communion of interests and music ideas, they decided to work together. Initially they formed a duo till November 1999, when they were presented for the first time singing the theme “Intimidad” and it had such an impact that they soon became part of “Hermanos Saíz” Association of Guantánamo, organization where you can find the best young artistic talents in the province.
In the beginning, they dedicated themselves to trova playing, and little by little they started to experiment, diversifying their boundaries till they become essential representatives of Cuban popular music.
In 2000 they performed many times in Guantanamo and in the following year they arrived in Havana to record their first album called "Déjame entrar", produced by the record label EGREM, a fusion album that was awarded with Cubadisco Award in the opera prima category.
Having the support of such an important Cuban record company and being covered by Musicuba Representative Agency, also part of EGREM, the duo improved its sonority widening its format by incorporating a piano, drums and bass, to impose a sound that is already a distinctive mark of “Buena Fe”.
Nice messages, with non vulgar verses and without being excessively refined, shine in Buena Fe’s songs (compositions made mainly by Israel), which contribute to reflect about current reality and have gotten a huge acceptance among the population, especially the young audience. Their massive live performance, the correct diffusion on the radio and national TV and the quality of Buena Fe’s proposal located them once and for all in the popular preferences.
The great success of the CD "Dejame entrar" was followed by the success of the albums “Arsenal” and “Corazonero”, where they went deep in the sonorities of pop-rock. The last album won another Cubadisco award for the best pop fusion, “Presagios” was their discographic delivery in 2006 and with this last proposal they went back to the acoustic sonorities, reminding us of the group’s first works.
Madrid, Marbella, Barcelona and Mallorca, have been many of the cities of the extended Spanish part of the world conquered by Buena Fe. They have held concerts in Russia as well as England and Latin America, leaving a deep mark.
Buena Fe is today one of the most renowned contemporary Cuban groups and a highly relevant latin music group.

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