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Talented Cuban musician Pavel Molina, former long-time bass player for Los Van Van, comes along with his own project and delivers an amazin single, featuring Alexander Abreu: "La Conga de Magdalena"!

Mayimbe and Barbaro Fines are back! Already on-line exclusively at Cuba Music the brand-new single
'AGUA ARDIENTE', an early taste of the new 2015 Album by the super Cuban-Peruvian band! And it sounds soooooo good!!

Homage to Master Juan Formell, featuring: Isaac Delgado, Pupy, Alexander Abreu, Juan Formell and his son, Samuel

Featuring the orchestration and Tumbao of excellent former-member Pupy Pedroso, a precious mix in homage to maestro Juan Formell, legendary founder and director of Los Van Van! With the participation of some of the Greatest Artists of Cuban Music!

Cubamusic Records and Amapola Producciones present “Olvídame”, a single born from an interesting collaboration between renowned master of Cuban popular danceable music, Manolito Simonet, and young though already popular Yoyo Ibarra, here marking a turning point in his career by venturing for the very first time on the danceable music tropical ground.

With a brand-new project of his own, Soneros de la Juventud, composer, singer and arranger Maikel Dinza delivers one of the most interesting sounds of the new Salsa generation

Yuly & Havana C, always with a different sound! This time delivering a party single of Fusion, featuring Angolan rapper Orland Max

'Dejame Besarte' the new single by Qva Libre! Rhythm and talent in their peculiar and brilliant music fusion

Another success by Leoni Torres, most likely the most trending Artist in Cuba!! Beatiful sound, even danceable with top-class featurings by Kelvis and Alexander!!

What the World was waiting for: "La Pegadera", the new super single from La Charanga Habanera by David Calzado. Beating strong, sounding so good..!

A quite original collaboration: Qva Libre and Alexander Abreu's band!! When talent is in the air, no music barrier can restrain the quality of this Song!

SALSA - Success for the new hit by Leo Wilber to open the new year dancing to his music, with its catchy tune. Do not miss the video!

LATIN MIX - Two wonderful artists together in singing a sweet hymn to love, much danceable and full of energy. Vamos!

SALSA – Let's make an experiment: Put together a band of young salsa male singers such as Charanga Latina by Enrique Alvarez with a member of Gente de Zona, Randy Malcom. Add a beautiful girl and sit down to listen how they handle their jealous girlfriend!
..or just dance to this awesome salsa!

FUSION - A collaboration as interesting as its sentimental clip, well packed with famous faces of the Cuban Music panorama. Descemer Bueno, Waldo Mendoza, ..Let’s see if you can recognize them all! Click here to watch the video

FUSION - The 100% female orchestra Anacaona, together with the young boy-band Angeles, in a new collaboration. A successful mix , for you to dance and enjoy.

LATIN MIX - After the success of "La Galaxia", here comes the new single by Los Extraterrestres, with a colorful and impressive video!

Descemer Bueno featuring Gente de Zona, still "Bailando" (dancing) all summer long for this 2014!
The super hit which has left its mark over the whole season, thanks to the lucky version with Enrique Iglesias.
Here you go with the original version!

Barbaro Fines y su Mayimbe always on the spot for the International Timba scene of 2014!
Now with this super single, in their best Mayimbe style!

After the success of "Cubano Natural", Los Conquistadores de la Salsa offer us this excellent preview of the upcoming album!
Always "conquering" their way to the top!