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Olvidame: a premiere collaboration between Manolito Simonet and Yoyo Ibarra

Olvidame: a premiere collaboration between Manolito Simonet and Yoyo Ibarra
Cubamusic Records and Amapola Producciones present “Olvídame”, a single born from an interesting collaboration between renowned master of Cuban popular danceable music, Manolito Simonet, and young though already popular Yoyo Ibarra, here marking a turning point in his career by venturing for the very first time on the danceable music tropical ground.

Watch the official clip “Olvídame” on Youtube

With music production and arrangements by Simonet (increasingly interested in this other creative side), and instrumental recording made by the musicians of Trabuco, along with some guests, Yoyo’s composition is endowed with a rich sound influenced by a number of Latin rhythms including, of course, salsa. The result is this first single, which is part of what will be the second musical production of the talented young artist.

On the audiovisual side we see once more the collaboration with Carlos Eduardo Maristany, with whom Yoyo (here taking up the role of director) had first worked in filming the video clip "I kiss you" (2013), one of the most popular of the year in Cuba. The result is a spectacular brand-new video that sees Yoyo Ibarra and his group, without separating from the style of the video clip, adapt to the style of musical, where the protagonist sings and dances while immersed in a dramatic situation.

The clip "Olvídame" suggests some of the features of this kind of movies, with great choreography, panoramic images, long takes and a camera that at times seems to be dancing with the characters. Yoyo himself shows his dancing skills both individually and with the ballet of dance company Free Dance, accompanying him in this new audiovisual adventure.

Shot in the main hall (set as a cabaret) of a centenary majestic castle of Havana, the video required a strong work of art direction to ensure that every detail reach the desired result.

All this, combined with other successful elements such as visual effects, color correction and soundtrack, make this a remarkable work, together with the music it represents and defends; a video clip that inspires the viewer to sing and dance along with its characters.