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This young man sings everything and sings it well, as if he had been born under the zodiac of "el bárbaro del ritmo" (the super star of rhythm), Mr. Benny More. When Rosbel starts tuning, he reminds us that popular choose it and I sing it. This young revelation named Rosbel is showing to everyone that great surprises in the world of music still happen.

Listen and download Rosbhel's latest album "Dèjame amarte" is exclusively launching his career with two samples of his great versatility. One is an album with ballads and Latin rhythms and the second CD is all about reggaeton. In the wake of this important moment we knocked at his door to chat about his undoubtedly promising expectations around his music career.

The artist already revealed his attributes when he successfully featured Arlenys, Haila Maria Mompie and Orlando Marx.

How was it like to feature these famous artists?
"I felt very comfortable with Arlenys because my favorite songs are romantic ballads and together we sang one entitled Déjame amarte hoy. This song was nominated to Best Ballad of the Year in the Lucas Awards. It was different with Haila because we sang a salsa single entitled Amor a primera vista, a rhythm I did not have much experience with, but thanks to La Diva's professionalism everything was excellent. I featured Orland Max in Corazón Loco, a faster song that made me think about redirecting myself towards urban music, because when I sang it people enjoyed it and I liked that."

According to your own words you seem determined to take on urban music...
"That is right, I am hoping to stick to urban genre. I like how the public has embraced my singles and my new music style. So I am going to follow this path without giving up ballads. I am always going to include ballads in my concerts within so much reggaeton."

You have excellent vocal conditions. Then, why choosing urban music which is considered to be a second class genre by some people?
"It is true that many times urban music is not considered a music genre. It is even poorly promoted in mass media. However, people listen to it and it is requested in concerts. I think that a meaningful reggaeton is not far from a romantic ballad, it is just a different rhythm. And it is indisputably very catching."

Rosbhel, it really gets our attention the way you privilege the presence of a rapper in almost every song. Tell us about it.
"The first time I had a fusion of my music with rap was specifically when I featured Orland Max in Corazon loco. This blend worked well and I felt very comfortable when I sang it. Then, I decided to repeat the experience with Dionny, a new rapper that in spite of his age and empirical formation is very talented.
Featuring artists is very popular now and it is always welcome. Featuring is the opportunity that different publics have to listen to your music. Besides, it is a great experience to learn from the invited artist."

Why did you choose to launch your music career?
" is a digital platform internationally followed by many fans and I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that different people around the world are able to buy and enjoy my music. Then, thanks to for giving me this opportunity."

You are not only an artist with a big family but also the owner of a restaurant. How do you manage so many responsibilities?
"I get help from many people, my brother is my right hand. Everyone in the family supports me, but music is number one for me. I always give priority to my music career. I am eternally in love with music and I compose songs with my heart, that is why I will never quit singing.
About my family, I am the father of five and the grandfather of a two-year-old boy. My son is 17 years old and I am basically the father of both. Children give you the strength to continue working for someone else, it is no longer about you. Family is always expecting from you. My children have skyrocketed me to achieve what I have. But I will never quit music."

Rosbhel confesses that music has accompanied him since he was little and now that he is fully launching his professional career, he has a lot to say. A very nice image and a fantastic voice distinguish this 36-year-old young man who is revealing as a great surprise. As always, brings you the exclusive.