New Albums


The popular band SMS presents on its latest musical proposal entitled Brillando. The album contains hits such as Nos vamos de rumba and Malas intenciones, the latter in collaboration with El Chacal.

The album, composed of 7 songs, shows a clear evolution with respect to previous albums, such as Kiss me, which exploited the pop genre in depth. Now in Brillando SMS ventures into more urban genres besides merging with salsa and timba.

Brillando became the farewell of Denver, who along with Simpático and A.Ruz, joined the group from its inception. Denver decided to continue his solo musical career.

In a context where the Boy band format has reached great popularity in Cuba, SMS continues to be one of the most popular bands in the country. The talent and fresh image projected by its members has managed to catch not only the younger audience, but also other generations.

The boys declared, exclusively, to that they are working on the culmination of another album; where Andy, the new member of the band, will make his official debut as an interpreter and composer.