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Apotheosis in the presentation of the CD “Gozando en La Habana”, by Adalberto Álvarez

Cubans that gathered in La Tropical, the most famous arena for popular dancing in the island, gave a warm welcome to the new CD by Adalberto y su Son, which has already broken all the records of sale and recognition, although it has recently arrived to the market. Hundreds of people had a good time dancing in Havana with Adalberto Alvarez, who is also celebrating his 35th anniversary of artistic achievement.

The track “Gozando en La Habana” is already a super hit in Cuba, as well as other themes of the CD, created for dancing casino with the SON of this time in the unique style of Adalberto Alvarez, one of the most prominent Cuban musicians. 

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Adalberto Alvarez
 Adalberto Alvarez