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Cuban Jazz: Chucho and Bebo Valdés to Spain. Great Tour “Together Forever”
In October 2008, Chucho Valdés and his father, Bebo Valdés, started the extraordinary tour “Together Forever” including concerts in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Valladolid, Ordino, San Sebastián, Madrid and Alcoy. Besides, Chucho is involved in many other exiting and important projects in the near future.

October was a very special month for these exceptional musicians because both of them were born on October 9: Bebo celebrated 90 and his son 67.

Bebo & Chucho were the main stars in the 40th International Jazz Festival of Barcelona with a concert at the city’s auditorium, fixed on October 23rd. They also showed the authentic fusion of traditional Jazz with Cuban Son during the 5th Jazz Voyeur Festival in Palma de Mallorca (October 25) and will be at “Miguel Delibes Auditorium” in Valladolid (November 4) as well as in the other cities mentioned.  

During the 1940s and 1950s, Bebo Valdés (a first-class pianist, composer and arranger) was considered a genius of Cuban music, arranging many recordings, composing and organizing jam sessions. In the 1960s he settled in Stockholm. Here he played his piano, reaching a long international success and recording great Album.

Chucho Valdés, the son of legendary Bebo, became an amazingly fluid pianist (catalogued as one of the greatest and most complete in the world) and a very creative arranger and composer. Currently, Chucho projects a CD with the Spanish singer Dyango and his first solo piano DVD, as well as the recording of a new album with his jazz quartet next December. He is also very enthusiastic about a CD he will record with Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo in 2009. 

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