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Suave Tumbao "La canonera" newest from Cuban Music. The best Cuban Timba 2011 is just here!

The highly attended first Suave Tumbao's Album is available now exclusively on "La Cañonera" That is the new phenomenon who makes crazy to all Cuba's dancers.  From a long time, Cuban Music fans were waiting for this disco. Here it is !!  

Listen and download "La Canonera" by Suave Tumbao 

Suave Tumbao is a nobel Orchestra of young talents, guided and directed by the pianist, composer and arranger Jorge Luis Gomez Navas friendly named "El Suave", who was historical instrumentalist and co-founder of the Candido Fabre's band.

The Group Suave Tumbao was founded in Bayamo (eastern of Cuba) and officially debuted in 2009 after 2 years of intense research to get the rhythms and musical harmonies we enjoy today.

The fan's response has been immediately enthusiastic! Dancer music lovers from Cuba and worldwide light up with Suave Tumbao's rithms.

The soft sounds of Suave Tumbao reminds Van Van and are flavored with Pupy but the result is a wave fresh, young and very current.

Their Timba's soft and warm, influenced by the matrix of eastern Cuba genres such as the Son and Changüi.
So far, only a couple of preview promo songs from the Group SuaveTumbao have circulated on the Internet. The appetizer that appealed to all fans and that ignited the fever of the album.

The wait is over!

With the strength of its 14 songs, almost all unpublished, "La Cañonera" presents the extraordinary energy and explosiveness of the dance music group Suave Tumbao.






Suave Tumbao