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Elio Reve "De que estamos hablando". The Cuban Salsa Hit voted as best dance Album 2010 !

The previous release from Elito Revé y su Charangon "Fresquecito" won the Cubadisco 2008 with the award "Best Disco Dance" but with the new Album "De que estamos hablando", voted by critics as the best dance Album 2010, La Reve band  has exceeded, gaining an incredible international success.

Listen and download "De que estamos hablando" by Elio Revé

The year 2010 was rich of many excellent releases Albums by artist such as Sur Caribe, Adalberto Alvarez, Manolito Simonet, Bamboleo,  Tumbao Habana, Hector Daniel y la Constelación and the orchestra revelation "Combinación de la Habana", but the critics and fans decided to point the spotlight on this last great work of historical Orquesta Revé.

Deserved recognition!  "De que estamos hablando" is a formidable album: 11 danceables songs from the beginning to the end, to enjoy the most expressive Cuban sounds: Salsa, Son, Changüí, Timba, and a touch of the current Reggaeton. The song "Mi amiga Chiqui" featured by the group Kola Loka is an attractive  fusion of rhythms for dancers.

It's really difficult to select a song as a favorite on an Album like this! We can mention "NIña relajate", "Matanzas tiene la llave", “La Boda en bicicleta” , “Agua pa Yemaya” y “Mi Amiga Chichi”.

The Revè Band' legend continues ....Do not miss it!



Elio Reve y su Charangon  

Voted as best Album 2010 



 Elio Reve

Elio Revé leader of the Group