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“Farandula Tropical” Combinacion de La Habana the new hit album of Salsa Timba Cubana 2011 !
One year after the successful release of “Moda Habana” Combinacion de La Habana comes back with the Orchestra, revelation of 2010 Cuban Timba! Exclusively at their latest and much-anticipated 2011 album: “Farandula Tropical”.

Listen and Download "Farandula Tropical" by Combinacion de La Habana

The brand new, outstanding production from Combinacion holds 10 awesome tracks, most of them composed by the genius director and pianist Gerson Valdez (Bebo’s nephew and second cousin of Chucho Valdes: blood tells!). “Farandula Tropical” is the ideal sequel of “Moda Habana”, strong timba that sets your dancing fever on fire and recalls the Charanga Habanera of the late 90’s.

Compared with the first work, Combinacion has grown even more in the melodic part, the choruses and fantasy of execution, which is always formidable. No wonder that in the live concerts of La Habana, the salsa sanctuaries “Casa de la Musica de Galliano” and “Salon Rosado de la Tropical”, Combinacion is enjoying a massive wave of Cuban dancers’ esteem, the kind of appreciation of the sold-out kind, which absolutely puts the band among the greatest actual Cuban Timba Orchestras of the moment.

In “Farandula Tropical” Combinacion sees the involvement of a remarkable Tirso Duarte in the song “Ajustate el cinturon”, surely one of the Hits, together with “Asì soy yo”, “Farandula Tropical”, “No se como decirte que te quiero”, “Las mujeres de la actualidad”. Songs that have already a big success such as “Ponte pa la pelicula” and “La Discrecion”, which have been revealed in the live concerts, finally get to the audience, optimized in this new record production.
Excellent is also the re-edition of “El Pillo” in the ‘salsaton’ version, which gets the name of “El PilloTon”. This incursion beyond the borders of the manneristic Reggaeton is truly a nice surprise.

So clap your hands to the sound of Combinacion de la Habana for their second album, strongly recommended !

Combinacion de La Habana


New album "Farandula Tropical"


Combinacion de La Habana


Combinacion de La Habana