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Cuban Reggaeton 2011. On Cubamusic all the latest hits playing in Cuba now !
Summer 2011 has arrived and here comes with the brand new compilation “Cuba Top Reggaeton 2011 Vol. 2 (Summer Cuban Hits)” with 18 Hits of Cuban Reggaeton that will accompany you on your holidays, partying on the beach !!

Listen and Download “Cuba Top Reggaeton 2011 Vol.2 (Summer Cuban Hits)”

Below you can find the links-Albums of all new productions of 2011

In this exclusive “Cuba Top” Album you have all the most actual interpreters of Reggaeton 2011 and everything that’s playing in and out of Cuba: starting from Mediterraneo with Insurrecto and El Micha, Sr. Rodriguez, main character of the moment, with the genius and “loquisimo” El Chacal and with the biggest gurus ever Jacob Forever and Gente de Zona.

In addition, Barrio 7 with the “voz” Osmani Garcia and Bases Llenas with Blad-MC, the most-loved Maxima Alerta also with the “pequena maquina” Yulien Oviedo and furthermore all Cuban emerging groups; from the East: the excellent and talented La Corporation; from the Provinces: the group revelation Ky Cuba (Cuban version of the ‘Aventura’ group); from La Habana: with all his freshness, La Makina.

Last but not least, two rare hits literally hard to find, which made all of the Cuban youths dance, and still don’t seem to stop: “La Calle” by Eminencia Clasica and “No me llames” by Los Faraones y dr. Ricardo Lopez.

In brief, all the best Cuban Reggaeton for Summer 2011. As always, only at, your pure Cubamania website.

Enjoy it at full volume !!!

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Listen and download “Controlando el Area” by La Corporacion

Listen and download “La Nueva Especie” by Barrio 7

Listen and download “El Invisible” by Bases Llenas

Listen and download “De la puerta pa ya” by La Makina

Listen and download “Reyes De Reyes” by Los Kardenales

Listen and download “CubaTop Reggaeton 2011 Vol.1”


Cuba Top Reggaeton 2011 vol.2




El Chacal


Mediterraneo y Roberto Estobal