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Pachito Alonso y sus Kini Kini’s “Pasarela” the good Cuban Salsa 2011: danceable, enjoyable, modern!

Pachito Alonso and his Kini Kini is back on the spot, one of the historical orchestras in Cuba, founded by the great Pacho Alonso, father of the same Pachito who’s been leading the group for 30 years now.

The 2011 new album “Pasarela” has been released, welcomed with enthusiasm by the salsa fans.

Today on for the mp3 download.

Listen and download “Pasarela” by Pachito Alonso y sus Kini Kini

“Pasarela” is a very enjoyable work, made of 10 tracks, addressed mostly to the lovers of good salsa and Cuban timba ("La Cara Bonita", "Caramelo", "Dile", "Pasarela", "El Temba") predominant in this album, including also hints of bachata ("Ay De Mi") baladas ("Mi gran Amor") and even Afro-Caribbean atmospheres.

To give a fresh and vital wave to Pachito’s music, remarkable is the contribution of his two sons Cristian and Rey Alonso, who support the renown singer of the José Arrango Herrera Orchestra.

A very well done piece of work, among the most important ones in the recent discography of Pachito Alonso y su Kini Kini, who managed to bring their danceable music to a much actual and international wave.


Pachito Alonso y sus kini Kini


Pasarela of Pachito Alonso