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“HABANASTATION” the soundtrack of the 2011 Cuban movie worldwide success with the Hit “Pleiesteichon” by Buena Fe!

Prized on July 2011 with the Best Fiction Movie Award in Traverse City Festival (Michigan, USA), organized by the great director Michael Moore, the movie “Habanastation”, from young Cuban director Ian Padron, has been harvesting enthusiastic international consensus both by critic and audience.

We are going to hear again about this work, which has the universal value of friendship as a core for its original and captivating story.

The movie soundtrack is already on for the mp3 download.

Listen and download the soundtrack of the movie “HABANASTATION”

The Album, produced by Rene Banos, is composed of 17 tracks of various genres: jazz, electronic, pop-fusion, symphonic and conga.
Among all the songs, stands out in a particular way “Pleiesteichon”, a very nice conga-pop interpreted by Buena Fe, which has already conquered the first place on the latest Latin music charts.

The album has seen also the participation of other Cuban music gurus like Nacional Electronica,  Vocal Sampling, pianist Miguel Nunez (music director of Pablo Milanés’ group), percussionists Yaroldi Abreu and Ruy Adrián López-Nussa and many more.

A remarkable music product which, besides remembering us the most meaningful moments of the movie, helps us understand the variety, originality and perpetual renovation of Cuban music, which ranges with great talent in every music direction and genre.


Micheal Moore and Ian Padron


Picture from the film "Habanastation"


Padron, Blanca Rosa Blanco and M. Moore


Buena Fé with the Hit "Pleiesteichon"