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KLIMAX Para el Mundo - an album that enhances all Cuban Music, signed by the genius Giraldo Piloto

Klimax, one of the greatest Cuban orchestras led by maestro Giraldo Piloto, is about to finish the recording of his new disc, which will be released in mid-2012. In the meantime, Piloto has decided of offer an authentic jewel to all the fans of his orchestra and Cuban music as a whole: “Klimax Para el Mundo”.

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Listen and download the album “Klimax Para el Mundo” by Klimax (live)

It’s the audio recording of one of the biggest concerts played in La Habana in the last decade (at Teatro America) to celebrate the 10 years of career of the Band, with first-rate guests like Chucho Valdes, Pupy Cesar Pedroso, Roberton from Los Van Van, Alexander Abreu, Cubanito 20.02, Mayra Valdez and many more.

The event, which was celebrated in a limited edition DVD, now finally gets to the audience in this new Album, offering two successful and super-danceable previews from Klimax’s next record as valuable bonus tracks: “Lola” and “Pelirroja”.

“Klimax Para el Mundo” is the summary of the extraordinary quality of sound that this Orchestra has achieved and the supreme respect and esteem it earned from  musicians in and out of Cuba.
Giraldo Piloto, who’s likely to be the best Cuban drummer of all time, is son of the homonymous Giraldo Piloto, worldwide famous composer brought to success by the pair Piloto-Vera.

Thanks to an eclectic and experimenting talent and an entire life dedicated to this passion, which affected him since he was a baby, Giraldo Piloto has managed to brand his Orchestra with a unique and distinctive music mark. The sound of Klimax is in fact the fusion of all the popular danceable music where salsa, timba, rumba, son montuno, Yoruba music and cha cha cha mix with jazz (of which Piloto is great interpreter) and the most widespread streams of international music, such as pop and rock.

A peculiar music synthesis which is remarkably represented in this Album, with a prevalence of Timba (with two great Jazz tracks and a balada) embellished with solos by the great Chucho Valdes, Pupy Cesar Pedroso and Piloto himself on the drums.

An Album for your collection, dedicated to the lovers of Timba and great Latin Music.


Giraldo Piloto director of Klimax


Giraldo Piloto


Giraldo Piloto