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Chocolate “Choko” from Cuba, the new and last phenomenon of 2012 Cuban Reggaeton !!

Yosvani Sierra Hernandez, also known just as “Chocolate” at just 20 years old is the new, latest Cuban Urban Reggaeton idol.

The youths of the island are literally going crazy for the boy and his band who, with an urban reggaeton rich of snappy melodies, has established himself on top of the charts and his music plays in all of Cuban discos.

Exclusively on the first two albums of Chocolate: “Choko” and “La Melodia y el Voltaje” alongside with special guests such as El Unico, El Chacal, Los 4, José El Pillo, DJ Jerry, Nino Hernandez and already famous songs like "Parapapampa" "La larga y la corta", "Reparte", "No me quemes", "Fanatico", "Tu te lo pierde".

Listen and download “Choko” by Chocolate

Listen and download “La Melodia y el Voltaje” by Chocolate

Chocolate grew up with the great and late lamented Elvis Manuel, of whom he was acquired cousin. Like Elvis, he rapidly conquered the hearts of the people of the “barrio”, which sells out his concerts and sings along by heart the lyrics of his songs

Tall, aloof, elegant-mannered, Choco transforms on the stage, looking like a natural-born performer.  An artist by vocation, who jumped all the stages: in just two years he went from the improvisations around the Malecon habanero all the way to the closed circle of Cuban “TopReg” (side to side with El Micha, El Chacal, Osmani, Gente de Zona, etc.).

Among his fans, a misadventure which could have seriously menaced his career has been talked about in the last months: the accusation of sexual harassment made by a young girl took him on trial. The complaint then revealed itself to be false and without foundation and Chocolate was fully discharged for not having committed the fact.  The future came back smiling at him. 

We’ll soon hear about this young guy again, great talent.

And his first 2 albums are already available for your collection !!!!


Chocolate con El Chacal


Chocolate con William el Magnifico


Chocolate con Josè el Pillo