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CUBAN SALSA TIMBA All Stars Festival in Lima, Peru on the next 17th of December

An unprecedented brand new concert in Peru will gather together, in a perfect Cuba Music Team, the greatest salsa performers of the island, for what is expected to be the best music night of the year, featuring: Juan Formell and his Van Van; Adalberto Álvarez and his daughter Dorgeris;  Giraldo Piloto (drums - director of Klimax);  Alexander Abreu (trumpet, singer and front man of Havana d' Primera), José Luis Cortés “El Tosco" (flute y director of NG la Banda), Lázaro Valdés (piano, director of Bamboleo) and the singer Tania Pantoja, among the 40 stars who will take part in the event.

Listen and download the CD “Mis 22 Anos” NG La Banda y Jose Luis Cortes

Listen and download the CD “Haciendo Historia” Habana d'Primera

Listen and download the CD “Klimax. Para el Mundo” Klimax y Giraldo Piloto

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In addition: Maykel Blanco, singers Leo Vera, Emilio Frías "El Niño" (from the Revé Orchestra) and Tony Calá (from NG La Banda) will participate in the event.

A very special concert on a very significant date for the Cuban comunity: the day of St Lazarus of Bethany – Babalú Ayé. The place: St Marcos Stadium, Lima, Peru.


NG La Banda y Jose Luis Cortes


Havana d'Primera y Alexander Abreu


Klimax y Giraldo Piloto