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“El Archipielago” Los Confidenciales new 2012 Album. Is back now the Cuban Band worldwide famous for “Guagua”

Friends, behold! The first great news of 2012 Cuban Reggaeton!

After almost 2 years from the stunning worldwide success of “Aceite Agua” (La Guagua) and “Cierrate que viene el Pollo” (Album “La Yutong de Matanzas”) comes “El Archipelago”, the new album from Los Confidenciales.  

Mr Ray’s band has chosen once again our website for the release of their brand new production in the first months of 2012.

Exclusively at

Listen and download “El Archipelago” by Los Confidenciales

Like in the previous album, the unmistakable beat of these guys from Matanzas comes at full power.

Some genuine street Reggaeton, scathing, unleashing our crave to dance.

The 10 tracks of “El Archipelago” are the perfect continuation of the well known “Aceite Agua” (La Guagua).

Songs like “Ando suelto”, “El toca toca”, “La escalera”, “Mortadella” and “Tuku Tuku” are promising new international hits for this band loved in Cuba, as in Miami and even Europe.