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Candyman de Cuba. At Cubamusic all his Hits and the new 2012 Album 'Candyman Sin Fronteras'. Is back the great Pioneer !!

Is back the great Pioneer !! Candyman de Cuba.

He’s simply known worldwide as that. Real name is Ruben Cuesta Palomo. A pure talent from Santiago, from the Far East of Cuba, the most musically productive land in the Island.

Now at all his historical Hits in the Album “Candyman. Primero” (“Yo soy Reggae Music”, “El Pru”, “Chinito” “Bayu Bayè etc, etc, ...) and the new, great 2012 Album "Candyman Sin Fronteras” with the latest hits "Loca Loca Loco Loco" followed by the lucky "A una Loca como tu" (featuring Baby Lores and El Bicho) “Ponte a la Moda” con El Micha, “Soné”, “Detente Corazon”, “A Trucu Trucu”, “Rompiendo Fronteras”  etc etc

Listen and download "Candyman. Primero" by Candyman de Cuba

Listen and download "Candyman Sin Fronteras" by Candyman de Cuba

Maybe not all know that Candyman is the artist who contributed the most to revolution part of the music taste of the Island in the last decade. Fusing in an original way local sounds with Rap, Hip-Hop and Reggae, of Jamaican influence, since the end of the ‘90s converted himself in a brand new Cuban representative of Raggamuffin (the Ragga).

Absolute precursor and pioneer of all that movement which will then be given the name of Cuban Reggaeton. But the artistic label of Candyman has remained unmistakable for the extraordinary mix of sensuality and sweetness.

Candyman’s popularity at the beginning of year 2000 had reached the stars. The square concerts (from Santiago to Varadero) were literally flooded by thousands of people, as his fame grew up to absolute international relevance. People say  the great Puerto Rican rapper Tego Calderon, when landing on Cuba for the first time, immediately asked where to find Candyman, of whom he said to be a great admirer.

After some years spent in his Santiago looking for a music renovation, Candyman has now come back, stronger than ever. Last year, he nailed the top spots of the Hit-Parade with the single  “A una loca como tu” and today is on the market this excellent new album “Candyman Sin Fronteras” -prodeced by Kikki Pro- destined to leave its mark, interrupting a 5-years-long silence.

Polemic, counter-current, charismatic, but ever genuine and humble, Candy is one of the greatest music talents delivered from Cuba in the last two decades.

Candyman de Cuba: we’ll hear about him for a long time, guaranteed !!


CANDYMAN de CUBA 2012 el Nuevo Album