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From Cuba, Salsa and Reggaeton latest news and updates !!!

From Cuba, Salsa and Reggaeton latest news and updates !!!

1) Album Compilation: “I dance Cuban Salsa 2012”

It is an exclusive compilation of 12 impressive salsa tracks, most brand new – worldwide premiere for Cubamusic – which will rule the charts of Cuban Salsa in the upcoming months.
This unique compilation presents the new super-danceable songs by Sur Caribe y Ricardo Leyva ("En la Calle" and "Soy el Canon"), Klimax y Giraldo Piloto ("Abusadorcita" and "Lola"), Mayimbe y Barbaro Fines ("Timbamania"), Havana C ("Desengano"), Andy Gola y su Colé Colé ("Mi chiquitica que bola" and "Ta bueno ya"), Nelson Manuel y la Corte ("La Salsa de Cuba"), Combinacion de La Habana, Gitano's and the Super Mini Banda.

An unmissable collection for the latest Salsa de Cuba 2012 lovers. You’ll dance the whole night on that, guaranteed !!!

2) Album Compilation: “Cuba Top Reggaeton 2012 Vol. 1 I feel Cuban beat”

For the fans of Cuban Reggaeton, here’s the new Super Compilation with the latest Hits and all its artists:

Chocolate ("Runpipi" and "Dame Chirri"), Jose el Pillo ("Date un candelazo" and "La Patica"), and also El Micha, Mediterraneo with El Chacal, Sr. Rodriguez, Maxima Alerta, La Corporacion, Los Faraones (with a fantastic bachaton), Combinacion de La Habana (the salsaton from the most famous "El Pillo") the great pioneer Candyman de Cuba, returning in a shape never seen before with his extraordinary swing, full of reggae ("Loca Loca Loco Loco" and "Ponte a la Moda” with El Micha), Eminencia Clasica and Barrio 7.

The best Cuban Reggaeton of first 2012 is in the house !!!


"I dance Cuban Salsa 2012"


"CubaTop Reggaeton 2012 Vol. 1 I feel Cuban beat "