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“I Dance Cuban Salsa 2012” all the new releases ‘made in Cuba’ to dance Salsa, Cuban Timba and Casino

Great fans’ approval for the new and exclusive Salsa/Timba 2012 compilation, launched at

“I Dance Cuban Salsa 2012” is the ideal Album for Latin dance schools and all the fans of quality Cuban Salsa.

Listen and download “I Dance Cuban Salsa 2012”

It is a compilation of 12 tracks, with the latest releases from the best Orchestras of danceable Cuban music.

It contains the band of the moment, Mayimbe, with “Timbamania”, Sur Caribe and Ricardo Leyva with two great pieces “En la Calle” and “Soy el Canon”, Klimax and Giraldo Piloto with the forthcoming successes “Lola” and “La Abusadorcita”, the explosive Combinacion de La Habana and Havana C, respectively with “Despedida” and “Desengaño”, Nelson Manuel y La Corte with the latest hit “La Salsa de Cuba”.

And also the appreciated comeback of Andy Gola y su Colé Colé and the engaging interpretations by Gitano’s and Super Mini Banda, with some really catchy songs.

An Album  all to dance and jump on the dancefloor…bien a lo cubano !!


I Dance Cuban Salsa 2012 Vol. 1