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LEO WILBER’s "MI TOQUE": a touch of class in Cuban and Latin Salsa music 2012

The longed-for album “Mi Toque” by Leo Wilber alias Sarduy Leonardo Wilber (Cubamusic Records label) has finally been released.

This is the very first record production for this artist, despite he’s already well known in Latin music thanks to the hit "La Salsa Soy Yo" in collaboration with La Banda del Puerto.

Listen and download "Mi Toque Latino" by Leo Wilber

Watch now the new video "Que me das"

Born in Santa Clara, Cuba, Leo moves to Europe after graduating in singing and composition and after experiencing a period as a member of the famous Cuban orchestra  "La Sublime".

In Italy, his second home, he is soon well recognized as a talented singer.

He is invited to the Festivalbar to support  the Italian artist Giorgia and he takes part to the most important Latin festivals in Europe:  Milan, Verona, Venice, Lugano, Rab, etc. where he shares the stage with some of the legends of Latin music: Teresa Garcia Caturla (the “Teté” of the “Buena Vista Social Club”) and “El rey de los soneros” Oscar d’León, just to mention a few.

After being a member of the famous Latin groups “Toda Costa”, “Sabor Karibe” and “La Banda del Puerto”, he shares projects with two important Latin orchestras: "Cubismo" and "Sincopa Latina", this last directed by the well-known Peruvian maestro Rodolfo Guerra.
At the end he decides to form his own band.

Leo Wilber presents us today his little treat "Mi Toque", eleven original tracks all written and sang by himself. They are the perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity in Latin-Cuban music: salsa-timba, son montuno-bachata and salsaton. A full album to dance, sharing elegantly rhythm and melody, exalting the impressive voice of this artist.

The record was produced between Milan, Berlin and Miami and the final result is an excellent mix of sound and atmosphere: to dance, to listen to, to enjoy!

All the arrangements are signed by the Maestro Rodolfo Guerra except for the two salsaton tracks that were arranged by Tony Velardi and featured by the famous Cuban Hip-Hop group  “Eminencia Clasica” (known worldwide with their hit "Pitchea"), directed by the unique Yami Manzano, with the voices of Frank and Bladimir. Unfortunately for this last excellent rapper it was the last recording as he passed away unexpectedly during a performance of his group in Kazakistan. The hit  "Que Figura" included in this records is dedicated to his memory.

A five stars record, my friends!


Leo Wilber cantando con Oscar D'Leon


Leo Wilber en concierto con su Banda


Leo Wilber con PUPY


Leo Wilber en la grabacion de "Mi Toque"