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EL YONKI and PATRY WHITE the latest Cuban Reggaeton 2012 presents the new Farandula-inflaming characters!
EL YONKI and PATRY WHITE the latest Cuban Reggaeton 2012 presents the new Farandula-inflaming characters !!

2012 Cuban Reggaeton keeps on renewing itself. New songs, new sounds, new videoclips and brand new characters.

Among these, undoubtedly stands out El Yonki, latest idol of the Farandula, and Patry White, first female “vedette” of Cuban Urban music.

El Yonki and Patry land now at with their new Albums !!

Listen and download the Album "Super Friki" by El Yonki 

Listen and download the Album "La Dictadora" by Patry White

El Yonki ((Alejandro Santoya Lorensin) is the latest huge talent from La Habana’s street culture.
Composer of his entire repertory, music and lyrics, Yonki surely knows how to blend rhythm, energy and sweetness. Such qualities, combined with an extraordinary/eccentric stage charisma, have quickly conquered the heart of his audience, especially the feminine side.

He’s already shared scenarios with eminent artist such as La Charanga Habanera and Paulo FG and his first Album "Super Friki" surprises for the fresh and innovative capability of fusing different genres, which is the key of his success. Songs like "La Patica en el aire", "Me faltas tu", "A que me hago el Yonki", "Amor y Carino" (featuring William El Magnifico) "Meneate Meneate" and "Hay pero no te toca" (featuring Alexander of Gente de Zona) are already renowned throughout Cuba.


Patry White (Patricia Blanco), who grew up in a family of great artistic talent, after venturing in the world of fashion came back to her first true passion: music. Since very young she had cultivated it, showing talent and an early gift for composing and singing.

Managed to establish herself, as a female character, in the crowded world of Cuban Reggaeton. Her concerts are always a striking success and her fame has already crossed the borders of the Island.

The Album "La Dictadora", show great personality, with an impressive list of collaborations featuring many important Artists of the genre: Insurrecto, Chocolate, William el Magnifico, Los Generales, along with Osmani Garcia, Dj Conds, Jacob Forever, Nando Pro and El Micha with the participation in the worldwide hit “El Chupi Chupi" !!



El YONKI (con William El Magnifico)