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CUBAN MUSIC 2012 from now and exclusively on the new great catalog of Cuban Electronic Music.

Cuban Music, exclusively on, the new, great catalog of Cuban’s Electronic Music


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is CUB_ELECTRÓNIK !!

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It is time for Cuban music fans from all around the world to know that this is going far beyond timba, salsa, son or reggaeton. You could now quite say that in Cuba, the "island of music", almost every music genre has its place.

In spite of the decades of rich work experience with eminent exponents, the world is still not completely aware of the fact that Cuba is also a place for strong universal music genres such as electronic music in its wide range of styles. This is why, in the mission of stimulating an in-depth knowledge of what "Cuban music" represents, always makes the effort of enriching its catalogue with different genres of extraordinary artistic value made in Cuba.

Result of this effort is the access offered today by to the widest and -possibly- unique updated catalogue of electronic Cuban music, containing the majority of the most important Cuban Djs (or groups of Djs) producers of the genre.

In these discs you can find all the tracks included in what we now suggest under the label of Cub_electrónik; a two-volume compilation of some of the latest best electronic Cuban music. Only here the web surfer will find, like no other website in the world, be it physical or digital, a variegated set of tracks in terms of style, aesthetics and creative interests, including an example of a sub-style of house music typical of Cuba: the cub_house, inspiring the title of this compilation; as well as another sub-style of electronic music also recently born in Cuba which fuses electronic sounds with one of the fundamental instruments of Cuban music: the congas, especially named electro-congas.

Each one of these 22 tracks is fully representative of its author's work, according to their own opinion, and is just a glimpse of the quantity of music from these Cuban Djs-producers available on our platform.

It's not just about more electronic music than you'll ever find on the international market nowadays, but works of the genre with that special, unique sound, growing from Cuban music deep roots. A unique, distinctive sign.

It's about a music growing in popularity every time in Cuba, receiving always more attention from Cuban cultural institutions, and which quality has surprised many renowned foreign Djs visiting the archipelagos, who most of the times got to share the stage around the Caribbean country with famous local artists, the majority of which already available at

Today our platform discovers the world of these talents, not just as isolated cultists of the genre, but as the whole Electronic Cuban music movement they managed to shape.

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By Carlos Eduardo Maristany


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