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A wonderful Christmas surprise! Ibelis new album 'Sentir a Cuba' entirely dedicated, heart and soul, to her Cuba.

A wonderful Christmas surprise! Ibelis’ new album “Sentir a Cuba”

 Ibelis Santos Ruiz, Cuban, born in Varadero and renowned radio host and Latin Music DJ in Italy, where she’s been living for years, has taken the ultimate step. Already rich in music experience, now as a soloist, she has recorded her first album.

 The album (10 tracks) is entirely dedicated, heart and soul, to her Cuba. Tells us a story of nostalgia, scents, colors, flavors and traditions of her island, always in her spirit and thought.
Ibelis, with her sweetest voice, sings the emotions of every homesick Cuban, together with those of every foreign traveler, who finds himself bewitched by the intense humanity and peculiar magic of this Caribbean Island and its people.

Listen and download the Album "Sentir a Cuba by Ibelis

 The Cuban singer had already told, in a brief but vibrant tale, the emotional impact that struck her in a recent journey to Cuba, in La Habana, to tons of followers of her Facebook page called “Comida Cubana” (a phenomenon of 142.000 fans).
The huge approval, support and encouragement accompanied her in filling the album with a feeling of sharing common to thousands - maybe millions - of people, scattered around the globe.

 Ibelis, flanked by renowned composer Rafael Gonzalez Quiles, closed herself for 3 months in a recording studio near Varadero, delivering today this remarkable music product, which ranges between Salsa, Bolero, Son, Cha Cha Cha, Balada and Conga (the rhythms and sounds of Cuba!)

 Outstanding tracks are: “Mi Habana”, both aching and magnificent, accompanied by a touching videoclip, “Hazme Sentir” (danceable and catchy), “Comida Cubana” (original, unique menu in music), “Patrona de Cuba” (dedicated to the Virgin of Santiago). The whole album (which offers “Mi Habana” also in an instrumental version) is extremely pleasant in order to remember, dance and listen to Cuba in an original and captivating new way.

Good work Ibelis, an Album as intense as your emotions !




IBELIS grabando en La Habana


IBELIS con el compositor Rafael Gonzalez


IBELIS locutora y DJ en Havana Choco