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The City of Trinidad, located in Sancti Spiritus Province, at the south-center region of Cuba, was one of the first seven villas founded in the island in 1514 by Conqueror Diego Velázquez. As time went by the villa became an important economic and cultural place in the country. Its outstanding nature lies in its proximity to both the beach and the mountains.

This City still preserves its colonial style, with its narrow pebble-stone streets and red-tile houses with wooden balustrades and railings. Places like the Plaza Mayor, built in the 16th Century, the Brunet Palace, now the Romantic Museum, the Santisima Trinidad Church and the medieval-style Yayabo Bridge are proof of this, while the well-known Valley of Sugar Mills constitutes a large natural and archeological reserve where remnants of factories, machinery and household pottery evidence the boom of the sugarcane industry in the 17th Century. These and many other attributes turn it into the Museum City of Cuba.

The City of Trinidad was declared Mankind's Heritage by UNESCO in 1988 and is still preserved as a colonial, architectural and cultural jewel.

Historically, Trinidad has been the cradle of a wide range of artists from different manifestations, especially craft with clay and mud, and linen besides rooted Afro-Cuban and troubadour rhythms that can be constantly enjoyed while touring the city.

One of the most important cultural facilities in Trinidad is the Music House (EGREM). Its halls are plagued with the Trinitarian musical tradition, ranging from the famous popular dancing musical groups of African origin to the so-called " bungas" (orchestras playing music to dance the danzón) and the parranda (partying) groups.

Likewise, the visitor will be delighted when entering the Trova House in Trinidad, founded during the 1970`s. Aside from this attractive property, there is the possibility of enjoying live presentations and buying the CD bearing the name of the house. Its musical producer, the poet and troubadour Lázaro García, summarizes the Trinitarian experience as follows:

"Trinidad has a special magic that goes beyond time. Every stone on the street constitutes evocative steps revealing more than one kiss under the moon serenade.
Aside from other stories enriching the spirit of a City conceived to calm the thirst of everyone, Trinidad gives us its guitar environment, its landscape singing and an embrace of tiles to welcome dawn.
The Trova House lodges the joy of a romantic and festive Bohemia. It is frequented by those inveterate lovers who still offer roses and poems under the Creole ingenuity that a song can cure".