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Does Cubamusic sell physical CDs?
No, at Cubamusic we only sell digital music.

What format is digital music available in at Cubamusic?
Music is available in Mp3 format with a bitrate of 320Kb/s, the best quality obtainable from an Mp3 so far. Nevertheless, sometimes the music can be slightly below the standard if it’s the case of some historical albums, in the absence of a remastered version, for obvious reasons. The website is updated on a daily basis, in order to offer the maximum quality standard on all albums.

So, how can I purchase some music from Cubamusic?
Purchasing music at Cubamusic is easy. All you have to do is register an account with email address, user name and password, or alternatively connecting with your Facebook profile.

Interesting. And which payment methods are accepted at Cubamusic?
You can pay by Visa / Mastercard credit cards or by PayPal.

How can I download the music I have bought on Cubamusic?
Upon logging into Cubamusic with your credentials, you will see the user Control Panel from where you can download the purchased music library. Beside the single mp3s, if you have a whole album in your library, you can download it as a whole Zip file which will contain the album cover art in addition.

Is the music I purchase on Cubamusic legal?
Absolutely. All the music we sell on Cubamusic is 100% legal.

Can I keep track of my purchases with, for instance, a receipt?
For sure! Inside your Control Panel, at the Billing section, you can download all your receipts in PDF format.