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Superavit was founded in Havana during the 1990s with the main purpose of channeling the musical interests of a group of youngsters headed by Alejando Frómeta, guitar player, composer and arranger. The group was also made up by guitar players Raúl Ciro and Carlos Santos, and Félix Lorenzo (bass player), Emilio Veitía and Alfredo Hernández (percussionists), Yalica Je (violoncello) and Mario San Andrés (violin).

The group decided to enter the world of pop and rock music, though incorporating very Cuban shades to their performances so as to produce a new sonority that allowed them to establish a sound connection with young audiences who immediately associated themselves with pieces like "Mi ritmo caliente" and "Verde limón".

Later on, Superavit´s members followed their own artistic careers. For example, its director joined the "Habana Abierta" and "Habana Oculta" recording projects in Spain and consolidated his prestige as composer. A proof of this is th e fact that some of his pieces have been interpreted and recorded by important Spanish music representatives.

When listening to Superavit´s music, Master Juan Formell, director of the famous Los Van Van Orchestra, expressed the following:

"I perceived a very original sonority which, in my view, was unique. It was an example of the mixture we all are. I perceived salsa with pop, rock with batá, as well as the fusion of strings with electric and acoustic guitars searching for a sound that could be the country sound or, perhaps, the sound of our charangas. I confess that I felt inevitably trapped by the sound of Superavit".