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María Antonieta has become an artistic phenomenon of Cuban light music. She moves on the stage with an absolute control and an image that, so far, has been matchless in Cuban shows. Since the very beginning of her career, she impressed with her peculiar style of singing, her impacting movements and that capacity she has to convey to audiences the emotion of every melody she interprets. In a very short time, she conquered every national and international stage which witnessed her performance.

Undoubtedly, due to her multifaceted nature in the different manifestations of art, she is one of the followers of great Cuban divas like Rosita Fornés and María de los Angeles Santana.

In 1973, María Antonieta began as dancer and soloist singer in Camaguey City. Five years later, she joined the Musical Theater Choir in Havana as soloist. In 1980, she became member of the "Vocal 5" quintet and, in 1982, she finally began her career as soloi st.

She has been the star singer in the best shows presented at prestigious night centers in Havana, such as the Tropicana Cabaret and the Copa Room cabaret at the Habana Riviera Hotel.

She has offered individual recitals in important Havana halls and has toured across the country with multiple presentations in all-star television programs and theaters.

Her presence on the international market has been constant: she was hired to perform on television and cabaret shows for a year, and to participate at the International Festival of Music for Peace in Hungary, in 1985. She traveled to Curazao as part of a Cuban music show in 1988 and the following year she represented her country at the Friendly Melodies Festival. Later on, Mexico became a vital space for her career and, in 1993, she joined the famous Cuban show "Antología del Bolero" on a tour across Spain for a whole year. In 1994, María Antonieta was specially invited to participate at the Tropicana Cabaret Show on its tour throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, under the leadership of Master Santiago Alfonso. In 1997, she formed part of the Cuban musical show hired by the MIN-ON Concert Association to perform in 19 Japanese cities.

In recent years, María Antonieta has intensified her professional career combining her presence in national centers (like the famous "Gato Tuerto" Club) with constant international contracts.