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Orquesta Ritmo Oriental

Orquesta Ritmo Oriental


Popular music orchestra.

The Ritmo Oriental Orchestra was founded in 1959 in the former CNC de Cuba radio station, today known as Radio Rebelde. At the beginning, it participated in the dancing activities of the Tropicana cabaret, playing Cuban and international instrumental music.

In 1964, the orchestra quitted the cabaret and started performing in dancing activities, theater plays and radio and television presentations. Nine years later, the orchestra traversed a period of great popularity with resounding hits such as "El socio Manolo", "Se baila así", "La gorda" and "Yo bailo de todo."

Based on the incorporation of new sonority elements, on its rhythmic section and on the tuning of its singers, Ritmo Oriental became one of the best popular music orchestras in the country.

Ritmo Oriental´ repertoire includes a number of genres like son, danzón, guaracha, bolero, conga and it was the creator of a rhythm called " Azúcar". All these genres are performed in a modern way in the context of Cuban rhythm, constantly renovated along the orchestra's existence.

The Cuban main radio and television programs have been also a stage for this orchestra's presentations. Ritmo Oriental has recorded several 45 RPM, LPs and CDs for the EGREM label; and has filmed videos for television channels in Mexico, Spain and Eastern Europe..

Likewise, this orchestra has constantly participated in the most important Cuban Festivals of popular music, like the Son Festivals, the "Adolfo Guzmán"´s contest, the Varadero Festivals, Benny Moré Festival, and the Danzón Festival in Matanzas, all of them held in Cuba; as well as in the Paris Festival of Tropical Music, among many others.

Almost the whole island has witnessed the Orchestra's presentations in its countless national tours. Likewise, the Ritmo Oriental orchestra has successfully performed in countries like Nicaragua, Mexico, Spain, Finland and Canada, just to mention a few.