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Septeto Juvenil

Septeto Juvenil


Septet of Cuban traditional music.

The Septeto Juvenil was founded in 1979 in Sancti Spíritus, central province of Cuba.

This septet truthfully preserves and performs Cuban traditional music. Its repertoire is mainly nurtured by composers from Sancti Spíritus. That is why, as many have said, melodies from that Cuban region have been disseminated across the world thanks to the performance of Septeto Juvenil.

Though its members have been devoted to rescuing and reviving the traditional genre, the repertoire of Septeto Juvenil also includes pieces composed by Carlos Manuel Borroto, the head of the septet, arranger and an excellent musician who masters several musical instruments.

With the passing of time, the Septeto Juvenil has incorporated young musicians whose versatility has allowed them to split into trios and quartets and perform as accompanying group.

Through its existence, this septet has visited more than 20 countries and its performances have been commended by specialized critics and audiences at large. Likewise, during its prolific artistic life, the septet has participated in the recording of a number of phonograms, namely, "Semblanza", "Los números 1", "Las bellezas de mi Cuba", "Casa de la Trova de Trinidad" and "El Yayabo se botó" which already constitute resounding samples of the artistic past and present music in Sancti Spíritus.