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Mundito Gonzalez

Mundito Gonzalez



Edmundo González began his professional artistic career in 1963, in the eastern city of Bayamo.

He has a vast repertoire, made up by diverse genres of Cuban popular music and he is specially considered as one of the great Latin American bolero singers. His unrepeatable interpretations of anthological boleros such as "Quiéreme mucho", by Master Gonzalo Roig, "Nosotros", by Pedro Junco, or "La gloria eres tú" and "Dos Gardenias", by José Antonio Méndez and Isolina Carrillo, respectively, are really matchless.

He has been one of the star performers in important musical productions conceived to be presented at night in Havana and other Cuban, Mexican, Colombian and Spanish cities, just to mention some of the stages where he has been greatly acclaimed. One of the greatest landmarks in his career took place in 1993, when he joined the famous "Antología del Bolero" Cuban show, touring through Spain for more than one year.

He h as recorded for EGREM and BIS Music Cuban labels and his voice has always been present in phonograms compiling the most significant Cuban singers of all times.

Mundito González is currently one of the star performers of the show presented at the renowned "Dos Gardenias" Bolero House in Havana, the most outstanding bolero authors and singers meet every night.