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Son Damas

Son Damas


Son Damas

Feminine orchestra of dancing popular music.

Born under the sign of musicality and rhythm, talented professionals, this group of Cuban young women, when concluding their musical studies, decided to create the orchestra Son Damas in 1992.

Since their very first presentations, they were astonishing successful due to their great technical and scenic mastery and to their high musical quality.

José Luis Cortés, Director of NG La Banda Orchestra, and one of the most talented Cuban musicians, is the author of some of the first themes interpreted by Son Damas that were musical hits in Cuba and abroad, among them, Se me va, se me va and 17 y 48.

A rich repertoire including classics of traditional music such as boleros, cha cha chá, rumba and salsa, shows their versatility. Compositions by their directress Dahlia Prada, have also become great hits among dancers.

Son Damas has performed in prestigious Cuban theaters and nig ht centers, like the "Casas de la Música" EGREM and the Cabaret Tropicana.

In 1992 they participated in the RCN Fair of the "Great Show of America", in Colombia, together with Las Chicas del Can, Oscar D´ León and Wilfredo Vargas, among others. They visited Greece in the summer of 1994, performing at ballrooms and discoteches of several important cities. They were also invited to the tv program "Seven 7x Music", recorded at the Acropolis of Athens. That same year they performed in a circuit of Spanish salsotecas.

The second lustrum of the 90s was characterized by a wide international activity, with performances in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria, Mexico, Italy and Jamaica. Likewise, among the most outstanding moments of this period are their performance at the Auditorio de Mexico, in 1995; the intense and fruitful artistic tour through nine European countries with more than 42 concerts, in 1997; their performances in 37 cities of Japan in 1998, including the Nakano Sun Plaza, an exclusive scenario for great international artists; their participation in the great New Year concert in Eurodisney, Paris, and the invitation to welcome year 1999 with a concert at the Elyssee Montmartre hall also in Paris. Son Damas participated in the Gala of the Millennium, December 31, in Portugal, which was broadcast to Spain, Germany and Italy.

Later on they performed in Greece, being their performances also highlighted in the Carnivals of Veracruz and Xalapa, in Mexico.