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Septeto Bariay

Septeto Bariay


Traditional music.

Bariay is an excellent septet of traditional music created in 1994, in Holguín, Cuba, and at the beginning they were known as Trabuco Latino.

The septet has inherited a popular tradition and works with Cuban typical music, besides experimental and contemporary. The respect by the classics, the apprehension in the styles of interpretation of Traditional Trova and Cuban Son distinguish the musical proposal of Bariay, directed by Julio Sánchez.

In 2006 the septet presented its opera prima, a CD entitled "Son a mi tierra", with 14 tracks of pure Cuban music such as "Rosalba", "Suavecito" and "Perla Marina".

Published by Colibrí record label, the album was presented during the XV edition of "Fiesta de la Cultura Iberoamericana", in the presence of very outstanding musicians, between them the Puerto Rican salsero Andy Montañez.