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Efrain Rios

Efrain Rios


Besides being an outstanding arranger and singer, Efraín Ríos is also one of the most prominent tres players in Cuba.

During the 1990s, he founded the Raisón group together with his brother, Luis Ríos. This septet has disseminated the Cuban traditional music across the world.

Efraín Ríos´ name has been closely associated with the most important Cuban recording productions, including Raisón records which constitute a compulsory reference for those who want to get acquainted with the most authentic Cuban music as, for example, "Record de un año" and "Eterna Tradición". His participation was decisive in the success of "Las más famosas de Cuba" album. Likewise, due to his prestige and virtuosity, Efraín Ríos is constantly in request to participate in countless international productions.

Since he has an in-depth knowledge of the instrument and music of his country, he has already published some significant texts on the musical development in Cuba, specially his book entitled "Acerca del Tres... el Son y el Tumbao".

As a singer, his voice revives the sound of the old-time school of troubadours in the island.

Recently, Efraín Ríos has formed part of the successful Cubanismo project, together with prominent performers like trumpet player Luis Alemañy, percussionists Angá and Tata Guines, saxophone player Javier Zalva and bass player Carlitos del Puerto, among other expert musicians, with whom he has performed on important stages in different countries. As part of the Cubanismo project, he has made several records including very different rhythms, from the so-called "jam sessions" to the guaguancó, the cha cha chá and the son.