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Samuel Águila

Samuel Águila



Samuel Aguila was born on October 15, 1974 in the City of Havana. In 1986, he began studying music at the Paulita Concepción Conservatory first, and then at the Félix Varela Professional Upgrading Center where he attained the middle-level education.

In 1989, Samuel Aguila joined the "Asociación Hermanos Saíz" (Saíz Brothers´ Association) which groups the most outstanding young talents on different artistic manifestations in the country.

Samuel, one of the most genuine troubadours from his generation, is a versatile guitar player who has developed a unique interpretation style with an unrepeatable harmony. He has composed a great number of songs characterized by their crystal-clear realism following the Cuban New Trova Movement as a starting point. He nurtures himself from the classic music, the rock music, the Cuban son, the blues and the rumba, as well as the ethnic sounds produced in different regions of the planet. His tex ts deal with daily life conflicts faced by human beings, love and life itself. His most well-known themes include "Queriendo" and "Del otro lado del sol".

Samuel Aguila is a tireless troubadour who sings on different stages across the island promoting spaces for the exchange of ideas through music, as can be seen in his creation and development of projects such as Puntal Alto, a vital space for creators at the Pablo de la Torriente Brau Center. He has also made outstanding international performances in Spain, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

Samuel Aguila has performed together with prominent musicians, such as Silvio Rodríguez, Vicente and Santiago Feliú, Sara González, Gerardo Alfonso, Anabell López, Liuba María Hevia, Lázaro García, Manuel Argudín, Heidi Igualada and Carlos Varela, as well as with singer-songwriters of his generation, namely, Ariel Díaz, Ariel Barreiro and Junior Navarrete.

Ariel Díaz, also a troubadour, referring to Samuel Aguila, stated: "...he is a song maker whose most remarkable motto is that of being his own constant filter. An artist who will never hesitate to reinterpret themes from his generation colleagues or to incorporate the most distant sounds to his song without leaving aside the indispensable rigor. His voice will thunder, we will not be able to follow his fingers on the guitar, a futurist troubadour of sincere nature who creates the music nobody created for him".